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Simplified deliverY MODEL

Shipping is an integral part of equipment distribution, and together with customs clearance procedures, this might be both time consuming and costly without proper knowledge and experience. As a part of our hardware distribution we offer a door to door DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) delivery model in order to ensure a turnkey transport solution and minimize the risks and costs for the Client.


We identify and compare local sourcing possibilities in addition to sourcing from central locations in order to find the best solution. Using local sourcing we can cut down delivery, logistics, and customs costs; in some cases, shipping from outside regions may be the better option. We will always propose and consult with our Clients’ teams to find the right solution.

Integrated solutions

Our mission is to build long-lasting relationships rather than perform a sell-and-go operation, so the point at which you buy hardware is where a tight and true partnership begins. We can function as your equipment supplier, warehouse, and shipping department.

HP Cisco networking
ASUS Router
huawei cisco AP
synology nas
dahua hikvision CCTV
door access
Yealink SIP Phone
HP DELL server

Intelligent & Advanced Technologies For Your Business

Today’s network is not simply a set of switches and routers, it is an intelligent platform that supports data, voice and video applications critical to an organisations operations. An intelligent network provides secure and reliable connectivity between employees, customers and information. It provides the platform for campus, branch, data center and wide area networks to deliver critical business and communications applications.

Together, switches, routers, security and WAN optimisation provide that intelligent network.Updated switching and routing technology provides high-performance, packet loss protection, fast recovery with redundancy and network security and management from the wiring closet, to the core network to the data center and the WAN edge.